Executive Search. Custom Sourcing. Talent Scan. Team Development.

At Payrollminds we believe in a full-stack payroll solution for our customers.
With our knowledge about the payroll community and how to build successful global payroll teams, we can bring the best resourcing for you. From 1 person to a complete redefinition of your team set-up.


Executive Search.

We will target, assess and select the best payroll talents for your organisation.  We will not compromise on commitment and although we operate in a candidate-lead market, only fully qualified and pre-assessed candidates will be presented to you in a short list and guide throughout the selection process. 

We have developed a competency framework designed to future proof your payroll organisation and plan for the best talent-fit.

We partner with highly recognised assessment partners to gain additional insights into candidate’s core cognitive patterns and collaboration preferences. 


Custom Sourcing.

We believe in calibrating our interventions in ways that suit your organisation best.

Next to our executive search services where we we guide you towards the hiring of the best candidates, we also offer the possibility to use our recruitment services to simply gain access to a long list of talents. 

With this service you remain in charge of your own selection process while outsourcing the long-listing work to us in order to save your team valuable sourcing time.

You have our absolute commitment to save you time and resources while remaining in control. 


Talent Scan.

We will collect and analyse your employee data in order to map organisational risks, knowledge gaps, and growth opportunities for key talents.  

We will dive into performance variables and anticipate retention plans for key talents based on their aspirations. 

We will look into your team’s job designs where each combination of job position needs to complements duties covering the full operational cycle across countries and data systems, as well as key projects associated with your current and future payroll operations model. 


Team Development.

Designing your future organisation is a first puzzle to solve; bringing it to life is the real next challenge at hand.  We will guide you in the implementation of your organisation changes to ensure full leverage of key strengths within your team and reduce attrition risks typically associated with a change journey. 

As soon as your organisational plan is set and you have visibility on the strengths to leverage within your team, we will craft individual development plans for your payroll team members.  Our Learning Plan tool creates visibility for learning commitments and actions and helps organisations identify sponsors to support our 10-20-70 learning method.

Why clients love working with us.

  • We bring consistent expertise to every aspect of payroll questions, whether strategic, operational or human.
  • We work with small and highly reliable teams that bring simplicity & transparency; quality always speaks for itself.
  • We are approachable and don’t shy away from any challenge.
  • We believe in pragmatic solutions to every problem.
  • We listen and enjoy down to earth humour; it’s good for productivity.

    Payroll competency framework.

    We know what it takes to make talent stand out and consistently deliver.

    Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 12.53.47

    A competency framework for every operational model.

    We help you assess, calibrate, design an organisational structure that works for your business and for your people.  We strongly believe that structure follows strategy and can significantly reduce operational and compliance, and talent risks.  Let’s re-inspire your people with custom job designs and development plans they can rely on and grow with.

    Screenshot 2023-06-15 at 13.03.14

    A process to unlock predictors of performance and prevent attrition.

    Finding the right fit is not easy.  Retaining the right fit can be even more challenging. Conducting a Talent Scan will set your team up for success.  With a simple process and the right tools, we help you look at organisational risks, attrition patterns, re-skilling areas, and job design in order to improve your employee satisfaction, engagement and operational effectiveness.

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