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Global payroll is our bread and butter. From boardroom advisor to payroll administrator, we provide a full range of services that ensure a flawless course of the payroll administration of our clients. Being a leader in the global payroll consultancy industry, we understand the importance of an impeccable and future ready payroll environment. We believe a well-organized and independent global strategy brings companies a long-lasting and cost-efficient solution. We also understand that as more business options emerge, it’s hard to keep overview and make the most compelling choices for the future. With more than 25 years of experience in the international payroll field, we guarantee the best people for every issue.

Our vision

Company overview

We, Payrollminds, are a fast-growing HR & Payroll Consultancy company with headquarters in Amsterdam, that specializes in providing multiple payroll related solutions and services to clients worldwide. We believe that the global payroll world can be shaped more professionally and therefore want to contribute to that ambition every day. Our mission is to develop the industry by providing the best people to our clients to deliver best practice strategies and exceptional results. We just started a couple of years ago, but our company became already a leading player in the global payroll industry and we’re scaling up rapidly every day.


our guiding principles

Be yourself

Do the things you love the most.

Do it together

You can do anything, but not everything.

Stay open

Forever fair, honest and transparent.


Our areas of expertise

We have in-depth knowledge about HR and payroll processes from recruitment to the GL process, with the Time and attendance and Absence processes at the heart of most of the issues, and can help you design and optimize data suppliers, -input, -processes, -output and -customers. Based on a deep understanding, detailed analysis and benchmark information gathered over years of experience we can help you make cost efficient and future proof decisions on technologies and vendors, and optimise systems, interfaces and protocols.

  • payroll transformation and vendor management
  • tax and compliance advise
  • payroll and HR project & implementation management
  • compensation, incentives and benefits audits
  • immigration, global mobility and expatriate strategy

payrollminds board of directors

We wanted to make global payroll more than just gross to net. Together with professionals based on broad professional experience, we wanted to develop new working methods that bring HR, accounting and financial management together seamlessly.

At payrollminds, we set new standards for payroll business and show how payroll can and should be managed in the modern global world. Are you curious to learn more or do you want to work for leading brands? We love to get in touch and discuss the possibility's.

Bart van der Storm - CEO

“I aim for us to be an incubator where we can inspire, mentor, coach and help eachother grow and excel.”

Raymond Oemar - COO

“I am always eager to learn and share my knowledge. HR-payroll processes are part of my DNA.”

Gerben Ras Blue

Gerben Ras - CCO

“Working in the payroll industry often means: Either we find a way, or we make one!”

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