Global payroll strategy.

Optimize payroll resources, workflows, and technologies.

What we do.

Improve compliance, efficiency, and payroll insights.

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, change often brings a mix of challenges and opportunities. Leveraging frameworks and tools that have proven themselves for decades, we assist you in capitalizing on opportunities to strategically enhance the global payroll lifecycle. We align seamlessly with your organization’s overall business strategy and ensure that we meet the essential requirements of key stakeholders in Payroll, HR, and Finance.

Resource alignment.

Build an effective payroll organization.

We design and implement payroll resource strategies and structures that drive organizational efficiency, scalability, and continuity, as well as mitigate risks.
  • Align roles and responsibilities.
  • Skills and location strategies.
  • Joint roadmaps and governance.

Process improvement.

Integrate seamless payroll workflows.

We design and build payroll data architectures and execution workflows to enhance the employee experience and maximize organizational efficiency.
  • Improve global to local data flows.
  • Optimize vendor services and insights.
  • Conducting RFI and RFPs.

Technology optimization.

Streamline HR and Payroll systems.

We assess, select, integrate, and customize advanced HR and payroll applications and services to ensure compliance, and increase performance.
  • Stay ahead with cutting-edge technologies.
  • Program management.
  • Project management.
How it works.

Proven strategy process.

Our tried-and-tested approach to payroll transformation ensures a seamless transition towards a global payroll lifecycle that’s efficient, scalable, and flexible.

Current status assessment.
Current status assessment.

We meticulously evaluate your current payroll organization, processes or technologies to identify efficiency gaps and uncover improvement opportunities.

Future goals definition.
Future goals definition.

We gather insights on desired outcomes and needs, and draft a requirements document that serves as a foundational blueprint for your transformation.

Tailored roadmap design.
Tailored roadmap design.

We create a transformation roadmap that’s crafted to your specific objectives and provides clear and actionable steps for the evolution of your global payroll lifecycle.

Business case creation.
Business case creation.

We quantify the strategic value of the proposed payroll transformation to clearly communicate the ROI and wide-ranging benefits of the changes we propose.

Strategy sessions.

Planning to improve your global payroll? Our strategy sessions can help you quickly identify potential opportunities.

experience and skills

“Payrollminds was able to quickly create a compelling future state global payroll model in an easy-to-understand way, leveraging prior experience and industry contacts. Their skills and experience would be an asset to any organization looking to transform their payroll.”