Seamless integration of HR and payroll processes.

For the largest supplier of charging solutions in Europe, we’ve successfully stabilized the global payroll lifecycle, conducted a thorough analysis of payroll processes, and executed RFI and RFPs.

  • Strategy

    Process improvement, and technology optimization.

  • Staffing

    Subject-matter expertise.

The challenge.

Navigating a vendor stability and accuracy in payroll processing.

In the midst of their journey, our client faced a challenge that’s all too familiar in the HR and payroll world – inconsistencies in assistance from their payroll partner. This triggered a need for process stabilization and enhanced coordination between HR and payroll operations. The problem was compounded by the departure of a payroll specialist and required additional areas of improvement. The company aimed to enhance internal processes for efficiency and contemplated future steps, including Requests for Information (RFI) and Requests for Proposal (RFP) to select a potential new payroll partner.

Our solution.

Crafting a tailored approach to find the ideal payroll partner.

We first stabilized the existing payroll process with the current partner. To address errors and simplify processes, our team developed a comprehensive business case. This involved an assessment of data sources and transfer procedures, resulting in a document outlining requirements. Additionally, we conducted an extensive analysis of the payroll processes and engaged with potential payroll partners through RFIs and RFPs, ultimately selecting Mazars as their new global payroll provider.

The process.

Experienced guides.

The payroll implementation process went smoothly over a rapid six-month timeframe. Starting with the RFI and RFP process in September, our consultants evaluated multiple vendors and decisively chose Mazars by October. The team assigned to this project managed a successful collaboration, with one consultant dedicated to payroll and another to project management, which ensured the successful implementation of the solution.

Step 01.

Asses needs and map priorities.

To ensure a smooth flow of payroll data, we first stabilized the payroll process with our current payroll partner.

Step 02.

Creating the business case and requirements.

We developed the business case, highlighting errors made by our client’s payroll partner and the client itself. The focus shifted towards streamlining the processes, leading to discussions about data sources, data transfer, and evaluating satisfaction with the current payroll solution. A document was then created outlining the client’s specific requirements, categorizing what they must have, what would be desirable, and what was less important.

Step 03.

In-depth analysis and stakeholder involvement.

We conducted a comprehensive analysis on HR and payroll processes, focusing on roles and responsibilities. This was followed by a thorough examination of payroll stakeholders, underscoring the central role of payroll in the organization. The process investigated the origin of data and included processes such as onboarding, terminations, and benefits. It also looked at the distribution of roles and responsibilities.

Step 04.

Vendor selection process.

We initiated the RFI and RFP processes, reaching out to eight potential payroll partners, including the client’s current payroll partner. Meetings were scheduled with various stakeholders, and a scorecard was used to assess and make an informed choice of vendor.



Our success was amplified by our collaboration with esteemed partners, combining their unique expertise with our innovative approach to deliver exceptional, industry-leading solutions.



project management

Our ability to solve this issue quickly and efficiently is rooted in our unique approach at Payrollminds. We operate as an integrated team of consultants, seamlessly supporting each other by sharing our collective knowledge and experience. We distinguish ourselves from the traditional consulting agencies by this approach. ``Our teamwork, transparency and client centric approach encourages honest communication at all times so that we can achieve tailored solutions to the specific problems of our clients.

Nick Post

Consultant, Payrollminds

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