Enhancing global payroll lifecycle efficiency.

For a renowned travel technology company, we’ve identified and addressed payroll deficiencies, initiated control enhancements, and introduced new procedures.

  • Staffing

    Subject-matter expertise, business-as-usual support, and project management guidance.

  • Strategy

    Resource alignment, and process improvement.

The challenge.

Need for optimization and governance due to audit failure.

Our client faced critical challenges in maintaining high-quality payroll processes, hindered by resource constraints, skill shortages, and multiple deficiencies highlighted by audits. These included compliance issues and the absence of effective governance. The urgency escalated when audits, executed by an external auditor, revealed substantial problems. To tackle these issues comprehensively, the client needed project managers to both address challenges and educate their teams. The goal was to establish an organized framework, robust documentation, and a tracking system. There was a pressing deadline to eliminate deficiencies, enhance controls, and implement new procedures.

Our solution.

Implement and optimize internal controls.

Our solution was twofold: identifying payroll deficiencies and instigating control improvements while implementing new procedures. To guide the entire transformation process, we provided dedicated project managers who were disposed to resolve existing issues and ensure the smooth execution of all necessary activities, from organizing meetings to coordinating stakeholders and overseeing deliverables.

The process.

Experienced guides.

The implementation of the solution allowed our client to run its payroll processes smoothly. They benefited from improved compliance, updated payroll, and internal control processes, along with a dedicated team that continues to provide support and guidance.

Step 01.

Issue resolution and compliance enhancement.

The solution was initiated by first identifying and resolving compliance and technical issues that were impeding payroll efficiency.

Step 02.

Internal controls optimization.

We optimized internal controls, working in collaboration with the client’s Global Payroll Manager and teams to enhance the overall framework. All details were also carefully worked out with the client’s team, ensuring clarity and providing answers to any concerns throughout our entire partnership.

Step 03.

New procedure implementation.

The next step was to ensure a more efficient and effective system by developing and applying new procedures to streamline payroll operations.

Step 04.

Documentation improvement.

To ensure the client can smoothly continue running its payroll operations, we provided the necessary templates and dashboards that addressed its critical needs. The client’s project management office received an effortless way to monitor progress, reports, and documentation.



project management

Project management and the provision of practical tools, such as RAID logs and dashboards, really made this project work. These resources facilitated documentation, real-time project updates, and issue resolution within a structured governance model. They allowed us to successfully deliver a comprehensive solution that was tailored to meet the client's specific needs.

Raymond Oemar

COO, Payrollminds

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