Insights from ADP ReThink

“Embracing the spirit of adventure and the pursuit of knowledge, much like Alice’s journey in Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland,’ this sentiment profoundly mirrors my experience at ADP ReThink London this year.”

The event boasted impressive figures

A record-breaking 330 participants, marking it as the largest ReThink to date. Representation from 224 multinational corporations. Delegates from 29 different nations, representing a workforce of more than 20 million individuals.

The diversity present, in terms of background, viewpoints, and expertise, was remarkable. Despite our differences, we were united by a common goal: to delve deeper into ADP’s advancements in global payroll. This was achieved through engaging sessions where ADP clients recounted their implementation experiences, offering valuable insights. Having been an implementation leader myself, these narratives resonated with me, highlighting the importance of thorough planning and setting achievable goals for project success.

The conference wasn’t just about sharing past struggles; ADP also presented engaging discussions on future trends. Nela, ADP’s Chief Economist, offered fascinating insights into global workforce trends, emphasizing the significance of the Asia-Pacific region and Africa in the global employment landscape.

Giselle Mota, introduced as ADP’s Chief of Product Inclusion, broadened our understanding of diversity and inclusion beyond traditional HR discussions, tying it back to product design challenges, from accommodating left-handed users to designing for diverse physical characteristics that affect biometric systems. Her perspective was refreshing and underscored ADP’s commitment to inclusive product development.

Although time constraints limit the details I can share about the social aspects of the conference, they were, without a doubt, vibrant and enriching as ever. A standout moment was the session led by Roberto on the final day, focusing on ADP’s integration of AI and Chat GPT in human capital management. His passion, knowledge, and insights into the future of AI in HCM were captivating and left us pondering the potential and challenges of this rapidly evolving technology.

Kudos to ADP for orchestrating another memorable gathering of industry leaders, fostering an environment of learning, networking, and inspiration. Here’s to looking forward to what the future holds!

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