Upcoming book: insights into global payroll leadership

We’re thrilled to announce our founder, Bart van der Storm’s, upcoming book, “The Payrollmind: How to Build Influence and Make an Impact as a Global Payroll Professional”. The book serves as a practical and insightful guide for anyone in the global payroll sector. Bart, with his extensive industry experience, offers real-world advice and strategies for effective payroll leadership.

Inside "The Payrollmind”

Drawing from his personal and professional experiences, Bart emphasizes key lessons learned and the influence of global payroll professionals on organizations and their employees. His insights go beyond technical aspects, focusing on fostering confidence and courage, encouraging sustainable problem-solving, and growing partnerships.

This book offers a comprehensive guide for anyone in the payroll field, from beginners to experienced professionals, looking to enhance their skills and understanding.

Industry praise

not to miss

“Whether you are considering Global Payroll as a career or you have been a mature professional. There are nuggets that you can apply on Monday, after reading the book over the weekend!”

Vivek Khanna

President Neeyamo

great read

“This book is a great read, with lots of practical advice from a very seasoned payroll leader who has “been there and done that”. It's hands-on, relatable, and helps to connect the dots in a powerful way.”

Marc-Oliver Fiedler

CEO Payzaar

practical guide

“Bart's book is a practical guide to understand how to develop yourself in order to become a successful global payroll leader. It's to the point and practical. In a short and easy read, you can learn where your current blind spots are and how to address those.”

Jan van Rensburg

Managing Director Epi-Use


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